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An Employer of Record (EOR), like Deel, allows companies to quickly hire an employee anywhere in the world without setting up a legal entity. Essentially, Deel has a local foothold in a country the business wants to hire in, so they can seamlessly hire an employee on a business’s behalf. Say you’re a British business, and you want to make a hire in Brazil? Well, with an EOR, you can.‍ Once you onboard with Deel, we’ll take care of everything from hiring, onboarding, and HR admin, so you are fully compliant to hire everywhere. While the employee will technically be on Deel’s payroll, they’ll still work for the company using the EOR, just like any employee.

Some people wonder if using an EOR means they can still grant employees equity. The short answer is “yes” but it really depends on the country. ‍For example, in The U.S. companies can issue what’s called non-qualified stock options, also known as NSO. Since the company doesn’t have a direct employment relationship (on paper) with the employee, NSO is the only viable option.

With Deel, we can get your new employee onboarded in as little as one day. Your new employee will be invited via email to create an account with Deel, where they will will provide their personal and bank details, any required documentation and sign their new employment contract. You’ll have a dedicated onboarding manager on-hand to help with any questions along the way.

Each country has its own set of laws that set out the benefits they have to provide for employees. These range from health and unemployment to insurance and social security.‍ Deel exists to ensure every employee receives all necessary localized benefits, along with any optional benefits the employer would like to provide.

Handling severance and termination according to a country’s local labor laws is crucial. These laws often vary a lot depending on an employee’s location. Typically though, you always need to pay attention to the proper termination notice, severance payouts, and managing any accrued benefits like untaken vacation days. Deel manages the entire process to ensure everything goes smoothly.

We have the strongest intellectual property protection clauses built into our contracts. This means that any and all IP passes through to you the customer.

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