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Case Studies

Our Role in the Retail & Logistics Industry

Retail and logistics are the backbone of the consumer market, requiring a perfect blend of efficiency and customer service. We provide the support that keeps this engine running smoothly.


Concentrate on expanding your retail horizons and streamlining your logistics operations while we manage the essential tasks that keep your business moving forward.

The retail and logistics sectors demand precision and timely execution. From inventory management to customer communications, our virtual workforce is here to ensure your business thrives in a competitive landscape

Inventory Management

Our team accurately tracks inventory levels, manages stock updates, and anticipates needs to prevent any disruptions in your supply chain.

Order Fulfillment and Tracking

We oversee the order fulfillment process, ensure accurate shipping, and provide tracking support to guarantee customer satisfaction with every transaction.

Customer Service and Returns Processing

Managing customer inquiries, processing returns, and maintaining positive customer relations are our priorities, helping you build trust and loyalty in your brand.

How It Works

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Our Team Responds Within 45 Minutes to Hear Your Needs

Whether it be your industry, job requirements, or specific skill sets, consult our team about your company's unique needs. We take everything into account when selecting candidates.

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We'll Send You a List of Resumes Tailored to Your Needs

Don't like what you see? We'll find you a new list of candidates. We guarantee 100% client satisfaction.

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We'll set up an interview with the candidates you select

Once you give us the thumbs up during the resume screening process, we'll set up a virtual interview at your preferred time.

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You’ve Successfully Created Your Virtual Workforce!

Payment only happens after you’ve found your perfect candidate. Start working with your new hire immediately!

Versatile & Suited

Our Virtual Assistants Come with Versatile Skills & Unique Experiences

Discover some of the many skills, our virtual assistants have mastered. If you are looking for specific skills or expertise, please contact us.

Data Entry

Photoshop & Video Editing

Social Media Management

Microsoft Excel

Customer Support

Search Engine Optimization (SEOs)

Web & Graphic Design

Data Analytics

Email & Calender Management

Global Hiring Toolkit

Determine employee costs across the globe with ease

Ready to hire in another country (or two)? Instantly aggregate employment costs based on team member locations to make the best hiring move for your business.

Best Employee Experience

We do employee experience differently with 24/7 personal care

Many EOR services rely on partners to hire employees, leading to an inconsistent team 
experience with no direct point of contact. We handle everything through our dedicated Employee 
Experience Team and Employee Dashboard to manage onboarding, benefits, payslips, and more.

Dedicated employee onboarding and platform training

24/7 in-app support with an under 5-minute response time

One dashboard to manage payslips, benefits, time off, and more

Local health benefits, equipment, WeWork access, and more

Hear from our clients

Our Services Are Tailored To You.

Thousands of clients trust us everyday, here are some of the many ways we help make their lives easier.


Eliminate manual work 
with the most integrations on the market

Our API and integrations with leading HRIS, accounting, and payroll software 
allow you to connect Deel with your HR tech to automate the entire lifecycle and 
keep everything up-to-date.







Privacy and security always stay on lock

At Deel, we maintain the highest data protection and security standards. Plus, our custom permissions and approval settings ensure the right people get access to what they're supposed to.

GDPR, SOC2, and ISO 27001 compliant. App hosted on AWS. Undergoing annual third party audits to ensure the security of our platform and infrastructure.

Customize access levels depending on what data you want each person or team to be able to see. Automate app provisioning based on role and permissions.

Set multiple approvers for any system change. Set approvers based on department, role, and more

Review any changes in the data with data logs. See who made changes on data and when, to be prepared for any audit.

Knowledge Hub

Learn even more about hiring globally with an Employer of Record service

Our downloadable knowledge guides will expand on the details of EOR services, explain how to choose the right one, and provide helpful tips on expanding your team internationally.


Everything EOR: A Guide to Employer of Record

Can hiring internationally be as easy as hiring domestically? With an EOR, it's possible. And this guide shows you how.


The Business Case for Global Hiring

The right candidates for your organization aren't always within a 30-mile radius. Use this resource to build your case for a global hiring strategy.


Employer of Record RFP Template

Download this free RFP template and make an informed decision about the best employer of record solution for your global workforce.

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