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Have Access to a Global Workforce in Hours With Karnen

The Process is hassle free, and simple. Within the next 24 hours, you could onboard your first virtual contractor.

Best Employee Experience

We do employee experience differently with 24/7 personal care

Many EOR services rely on partners to hire employees, leading to an inconsistent team 
experience with no direct point of contact. We handle everything through our dedicated Employee 
Experience Team and Employee Dashboard to manage onboarding, benefits, payslips, and more.

Dedicated employee onboarding and platform training

24/7 in-app support with an under 5-minute response time

One dashboard to manage payslips, benefits, time off, and more

Local health benefits, equipment, WeWork access, and more

Our Team Responds Within 45 Minutes to Hear Your Needs

Whether it be your industry, job requirements, or specific skill sets, consult our team about your company's unique needs. We take everything into account when selecting candidates.

We'll Send You a List of Resumes Tailored to Your Needs

Don't like what you see? We'll find you a new list of candidates. We guarantee 100% client satisfaction.

We'll set up an interview with the candidates you select

Once you give us the thumbs up during the resume screening process, we'll set up a virtual interview at your preferred time.

Easily Onboard Your First Virtual Assistant

All there's left to do is select your payment plan and service options. It's hassle free, and minutes.


Privacy and security always stay on lock

At Deel, we maintain the highest data protection and security standards. Plus, our custom permissions and approval settings ensure the right people get access to what they're supposed to.

GDPR, SOC2, and ISO 27001 compliant. App hosted on AWS. Undergoing annual third party audits to ensure the security of our platform and infrastructure.

Customize access levels depending on what data you want each person or team to be able to see. Automate app provisioning based on role and permissions.

Set multiple approvers for any system change. Set approvers based on department, role, and more

Review any changes in the data with data logs. See who made changes on data and when, to be prepared for any audit.

Starting at as little as $6/hour, access a global workforce

We are a global human resources agency that helps companies outsource work to international talent.

The Reasons to Hire With Karnen Are Clear

Our guaranteed top-tier service and industry-leading global reach allows you to bring your business to the next step at the lowest cost possible. Karnen allows you to invest in global talent, you couldn't before.

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