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Hire employees worldwide with the #1 Employer of Record

Let us hire employees on your behalf to quickly onboard employees in 100+ countries without the cost and extra admin.

How it works

We handle complexity, you focus on growth

You usually need to open a local entity to hire an employee in another country.
 It can take a lot of time, along with the ongoing payroll and HR admin. 
With our Employer of Record product, we hire employees on your behalf who work for you just like the rest of your team.

Expand your talent pool

With legal entities in 100+ countries and expert visa support, onboard worldwide employees from anywhere.

Let us handle compliance

We handle everything, so you’re compliant when it comes to contracts, minimum wage, terminations, and other local laws.

Spend less time on payroll

Pay everyone with one bulk payment and we will manage the hard stuff like tax deductions, pensions, benefits, and government fees.

Get all of your Employer of
Record questions

Wondering how much it costs to open an entity? Or how long it may
take? Maybe you're curious about how to handle equity and IP
ownership? Get all the answers you're searching for.

Automate manual work

More control and more automation

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Decrease onboarding time to 
just 5 minutes

Onboarding a contractor in Ecuador is totally different from onboarding an employee in Germany. That’s why we localize every item for you—from minimum wage to country-specific documentation requests—so you can quickly, compliantly onboard anyone.

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Easily request, add, and store documents in our secure platform

We’ll turn the nightmare of global document management into a dream. Automatically collect any paperwork needed by a worker’s country, request specific documentation, or upload documents in bulk. Everything will be stored safely in the same place.

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We'll Send You a List of Resumes Tailored to Your Needs

Don't like what you see? We'll find you a new list of candidates. We guarantee 100% client satisfaction.

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We'll set up an interview with the candidates you select

Once you give us the thumbs up during the resume screening process, we'll set up a virtual interview at your preferred time.

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You’ve Successfully Created Your Virtual Workforce!

Payment only happens after you’ve found your perfect candidate. Start working with your new hire immediately!

Hire Anywhere

Tap into the best hiring coverage on the market with our 100+ Deel-owned entities worldwide

From establishing our entities to running payroll, we handle everything in-house to provide transparent pricing, consistent quality service, and manage more on-platform.


New Zealand


United Kingdom

Global Hiring Toolkit

Determine employee costs across the globe with ease

Ready to hire in another country (or two)? Instantly aggregate employment costs based on team member locations to make the best hiring move for your business.

Best Employee Experience

We do employee experience differently with 24/7 personal care

Many EOR services rely on partners to hire employees, leading to an inconsistent team 
experience with no direct point of contact. We handle everything through our dedicated Employee 
Experience Team and Employee Dashboard to manage onboarding, benefits, payslips, and more.

Dedicated employee onboarding and platform training

24/7 in-app support with an under 5-minute response time

One dashboard to manage payslips, benefits, time off, and more

Local health benefits, equipment, WeWork access, and more

Customer Care

We’re known in the industry for the best support and our Deel Speed

More than 20,000 companies, including big names like Dropbox, Nike, and Shopify, trust us with their global team needs.


Everything you need to grow your global team

We’re simplifying every aspect of managing a global team, from benefits and equity to working visas and equipment.

Put candidate screening on autopilot with Background Checks

How can your team benefit from using a single global payroll provider? Explore the advantages in this free resource.

Send equipment worldwide, without the hard work

How can your team benefit from using a single global payroll provider? Explore the advantages in this free resource.

Hire or relocate team members with our in-house visa team

Expand your hiring reach by enabling employees to work from 21 countries. We handle the visa process in-house, taking the burden off your HR team.


Eliminate manual work 
with the most integrations on the market

Our API and integrations with leading HRIS, accounting, and payroll software 
allow you to connect Deel with your HR tech to automate the entire lifecycle and 
keep everything up-to-date.







Privacy and security always stay on lock

At Deel, we maintain the highest data protection and security standards. Plus, our custom permissions and approval settings ensure the right people get access to what they're supposed to.

GDPR, SOC2, and ISO 27001 compliant. App hosted on AWS. Undergoing annual third party audits to ensure the security of our platform and infrastructure.

Customize access levels depending on what data you want each person or team to be able to see. Automate app provisioning based on role and permissions.

Set multiple approvers for any system change. Set approvers based on department, role, and more

Review any changes in the data with data logs. See who made changes on data and when, to be prepared for any audit.

Knowledge Hub

Learn even more about hiring globally with an Employer of Record service

Our downloadable knowledge guides will expand on the details of EOR services, explain how to choose the right one, and provide helpful tips on expanding your team internationally.


Everything EOR: A Guide to Employer of Record

Can hiring internationally be as easy as hiring domestically? With an EOR, it's possible. And this guide shows you how.


The Business Case for Global Hiring

The right candidates for your organization aren't always within a 30-mile radius. Use this resource to build your case for a global hiring strategy.


Employer of Record RFP Template

Download this free RFP template and make an informed decision about the best employer of record solution for your global workforce.

Check out our common questions

An Employer of Record (EOR), like Deel, allows companies to quickly hire an employee anywhere in the world without setting up a legal entity. Essentially, Deel has a local foothold in a country the business wants to hire in, so they can seamlessly hire an employee on a business’s behalf. Say you’re a British business, and you want to make a hire in Brazil? Well, with an EOR, you can.‍ Once you onboard with Deel, we’ll take care of everything from hiring, onboarding, and HR admin, so you are fully compliant to hire everywhere. While the employee will technically be on Deel’s payroll, they’ll still work for the company using the EOR, just like any employee.

Some people wonder if using an EOR means they can still grant employees equity. The short answer is “yes” but it really depends on the country. ‍For example, in The U.S. companies can issue what’s called non-qualified stock options, also known as NSO. Since the company doesn’t have a direct employment relationship (on paper) with the employee, NSO is the only viable option.

With Deel, we can get your new employee onboarded in as little as one day. Your new employee will be invited via email to create an account with Deel, where they will will provide their personal and bank details, any required documentation and sign their new employment contract. You’ll have a dedicated onboarding manager on-hand to help with any questions along the way.

Each country has its own set of laws that set out the benefits they have to provide for employees. These range from health and unemployment to insurance and social security.‍ Deel exists to ensure every employee receives all necessary localized benefits, along with any optional benefits the employer would like to provide.

Handling severance and termination according to a country’s local labor laws is crucial. These laws often vary a lot depending on an employee’s location. Typically though, you always need to pay attention to the proper termination notice, severance payouts, and managing any accrued benefits like untaken vacation days. Deel manages the entire process to ensure everything goes smoothly.

We have the strongest intellectual property protection clauses built into our contracts. This means that any and all IP passes through to you the customer.

Deel makes growing remote and international
teams effortless. Ready to get started?

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